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Photo of booth in a field with a sign that says, "Next Session of Kangaroo Court" and has the image of a clock reading 10:30 below the words. Behind this is another sign that reads, "Richland Atomic Frontier Days Kangaroo Court Corral." In the left…

Photo of rodeo with a calf in a field. There are spectators, a horse, and a platform with the word "Farm" legible in the background. There is a sliver of something showing on the far right of the photo. Also included is a 7cm X 12 cm black & white…

Photo of people watching a parade with two men in hats on horseback holding American flags, woman in Indian dress between them. They are between spectators on each side of the street. There is an American flag in the background with a Quonset hut…

Photo of parade with military flag holders and arm bearers coming down the procession. Recognizable among the four flags are two American flags. Also included is a 7cm X 12 cm black & white print of the same image.
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