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"1 photograph; 6.9 x 10.9 cm.
Lots of people sitting in a large room. Some of the people looking in the direction of the camera. In the building that these people are in there are many flags hanging up from the ceiling along with decorations on the…

"1 photograph; 20.5 x 25.3 cm.
17 men posing for a picture, two holding objects. Text on front of image reads: ""10/25/62; 10/25/62; Marlin Johnson"". Text on back reads: ""20 year & 30 year; 10/25/62""."

"1 photograph; 7 x 11.6 cm.
Flag post with flag and Sea First Bank and Post office along with cars behind it. Text on back of image reads: ""Sea First Bank and Post Office""."

Photo of parade with an airplane coming down the procession, man in uniform walking in front, people watching along the street. Also included is a 7cm X 12 cm black & white print of the same image.

Photo of cattle in a corral with two men visible in the background. Also included is a 7cm X 12 cm black & white print of the same image.

Photo of rodeo with people watching around a platform with the words "The Farm" legible. Three people riding horses are in the field. At least two people on horseback are right in front of the platform. Also included is a 7cm X 12 cm black & white…

Photo of parade float with a model church on top. The part of the sign (visible in the photo) on the float reads, "United Protes[tant]. This float is the same one that is in photo number 310. The photo has damage. Also included is a 7cm X 12 cm black…

Photo of woman on a white horse holding American flag. There are also four other people including (starting from left to right) a man standing next to another man on horseback, a person on horseback , and a man holding an American flag. They are…

Photo of corral with cattle inside (a bull's horn is visible on the left), a couple people visible in the background (one probably on horseback), feeding trough in the left foreground, piece of equipment in the right foreground. Also included is a…

Photo of parade with truck coming down the procession (driver visible). Truck has a booth on the back with what looks like a pictorial advertisement sign, people watching in the right background. Also included is a 7cm X 12 cm black & white print of…
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