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Close proximity view of three men and a woman eating cake with coffee, possibly an office party; hand cutout from a picture placed on top of one of the men's head.

View of a woman giving a speech from a table of dining men and women. Noted on back of photo, "708."

View of several men and women looking on while sitting at a banquet table. Noted on back of photo, "708."

View of several formally dressed men and women sitting at round tables, with a couple (nearest to photographer) overseeing the party from a separate long table. Noted on back of photo, "G.E. News Bureau New Year's Eve Party 1954. Left to right: Jack…

Close proximity view of four formally-dressed men and women sitting at a table. Noted on back of photo, "State JC convention - Spokane, 1955, Davenport Hotel. Ray and Rita Lauren, Bob and Clarabelle Benson. Far table: Bill Gro(illegible) - way back…

View of large open area flooded; many tress, and small structure seen centered. [Flood of 1948 in Richland; both Columbia and Yakima River flooded the area]
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