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"2 photographs; 6.5 x 9.5 cm and 4.8 x 9.5 cm.
First image of man looking at Columbia river flood. Second image of large truck coming with supplies to help stop flooding. Text on the front side of image reads from top to bottom and left to right:…

View of several formally dressed men and women sitting at round tables, with a couple (nearest to photographer) overseeing the party from a separate long table. Noted on back of photo, "G.E. News Bureau New Year's Eve Party 1954. Left to right: Jack…

Close proximity view of two men and two women holding babies and a GE (General Electric) newspaper. Noted on back of photo, "Request no. 9838-6."

View of adults being entertained by their toddlers. Noted on back of photo, "Stockholder party at Hotel, Request no. 9838-7."

Close proximity view of a man and woman holding three babies, with two toddlers looking on. Noted on back of photo, "Request no. 9838-4."

View of two men discussing a newspaper or magazine page layout in an office. Noted on back of photo, "Kenn Staley & Paul Stoddeard of News Bureau, #5514 empl. common (?)."

View of three men working in a news service office. Noted on back of photo, "Sal, Lindbergh, News Assistant Editor, Ray Broughton/Employee Super", Ralph Harris news editor, #5514 empl. common (?)."
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