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An interview with Ann Roseberry conducted as part of the Hanford Oral History Project. The Hanford Oral History Project was sponsored by the Mission Support Alliance and the United States Department of Energy.

View of large group of smiling men and women. Noted on back of photo, "Richland Jaycees w/New Mexico (Alberguerque) [Albuquerque] Jayceettes at Natl [National] JC Conference 1955, 704."

Close proximity view of four formally-dressed men and women sitting at a table. Noted on back of photo, "State JC convention - Spokane, 1955, Davenport Hotel. Ray and Rita Lauren, Bob and Clarabelle Benson. Far table: Bill Gro(illegible) - way back…

View of a well-dressed man giving a speech. Noted on back of photo, "Pres. Buckner speaks at NW RI at Pendleton, 1954. State JC proxy, 8941."

View of seven men standing in front of a table. Noted on back of photo, "NW Regional JC institute, Pendleton, Ore. - 1954. L to R - (Illegible first name), Watt, Buckmen (?), (illegible), (illegible), Warren, K(illegible), Woodworth (illegible).…

View of several men and women dancing in a conga line. Noted on back of photo, "Richland JC's at National Convention, Albuquerque gals leading conga line." An arrow on front of image indicating to far right man in conga line is labeled "me" [Robert…

View of a group of men and women sitting on the floor wearing pinwheel hats. Noted on back of photo, "Richland JC's at National Convention."

View of waving Richland Jaycees and their families lined up along cars. Noted on slide, "75, enroute State-JC meet."

View of Jaycees planting a tree, with a banner reading: "Fort Collins' Jaycees Welcome You." Noted on slide, "81."

View of Richland Jaycees dancing, with one man's jacket reading "Wenatchee Junior Chamber." Noted on slide, "80."
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