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View of a toddler with balloons tied to her wrist. Noted on back of photo, "Request no. 9838-9."

Close proximity view of two men and two women holding babies and a GE (General Electric) newspaper. Noted on back of photo, "Request no. 9838-6."

View of adults being entertained by their toddlers. Noted on back of photo, "Stockholder party at Hotel, Request no. 9838-7."

Close proximity view of a man and woman holding three babies, with two toddlers looking on. Noted on back of photo, "Request no. 9838-4."

View of several men and a young boy washing a yellow car. Noted on slide, "91, 2nd JC carwash, Richland - '54."

View of adults and children lounging in park, with a blond child running to the right. Noted on slide, "90, Kenn [Kennewick]-Richland JC picnic - 1954."

Above view of adults and children preparing to board small boats along riverbank. Noted on slide, "89, 1st River Run - '54, Rich. [Richland] JC vs. Prosser JC."
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