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"1 photograph; 7.2 x 7.8 cm.
Man with cowboy hat and two guns in hand. Text on back of image reads (a word that was cut off and another word) : ""onte Hale"""

Photo of parade with a person on horseback holding an American flag coming down the procession, another rider (a man) in front of them. There is a portion of car visible on the left, people watching the parade in the background. Also included is a…

Photo of parade with woman in huge dress skirt coming down the procession. The woman is holding an umbrella. Also included is a 7cm X 12 cm black & white print of the same image.

Photo of a parade with a boat coming down the procession. The boat has a sign with the words "Richland Boat & Yacht Club" legible. There are two people in white uniforms (also wearing hats) on the boat. The person in front looks like a woman. Also…

Photo of parade with float (on large truck) coming down the procession. People are popping through holes on the triangular float. Also included is a 7cm X 12 cm black & white print of the same image.

Photo of parade float on the street with people and buildings in the background. On the left side of the float are the words "United Protestant Church." On the right side, the word "Washington" is all that is legible. Photo has some damage. Also…

Photo of people watching a parade with airplane coming down the procession, American flag and trees in the background, bicycle in the foreground. Also included is a 8cm X 12 cm black & white print of the same image.

View of a horse structure attached behind a float being ridden by a cowboy in the Atomic Frontier Days parade. Noted on slide, "A-16."
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