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View of Eileen Reitman holding roses after winning the Atomic Frontier Days 1954 pageant. Noted on back of photo, "Queen Eileen."

Close proximity view/portrait of a smiling woman holding a large bouquet of flowers. Noted on back of photo, "Betty Jo Woods, 4418" winning queen at Richland Yacht Club pageant.

View of Dorris [Doris] Lemon when she was crowned AFD [Atomic Frontier Days] Queen in 1953; second woman from the left is Christi Lambert. Noted on back of photo, "Doris Lemmon (?) - AFD queen, other names (illegible), Request no. 9154."

View of a smiling young woman placing a cape over the shoulders of another, smiling and holding flowers. Noted on back, "Eileen Reitman, Request no. 9009-6" being crowned as queen at the 1954 Atomic Frontier Days in Richland, WA

View of three 1954 Atomic Frontier Days (AFD) Royalty contestants, including Queen Eileen Reitman in center, likely at the Richland AFD parade. Noted on slide, "95."
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