Yamauchi Family, Oral History Metadata

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Yamauchi Family, Oral History Metadata


Metadata received during oral history interview with the Yamauchi Family


Items donated by the Yamauchi Family to the Hanford History Project


Hanford History Project at Washington State University Tri-Cities


Those interested in reproducing part or all of this collection should contact the Hanford History Project at ourhanfordhistory@tricity.wsu.edu, who can provide specific rights information for these items.


Yamauchi Family, Oral History Interview



Items in the Yamauchi Family, Oral History Metadata Collection

Painting<br />
Painting of shoreline and boats in the water

M&amp;M Café 1929<br />
Woman standing in front of M&M Café

Gladys &amp; Samuel Coleman<br />
Gladys and Samuel Coleman kneeling in front of car "Season's Greetings and Good Wishes for the New Year"

M&amp;M Café<br />
Customers inside of M&M Café

Equations on a blackboard in a classroom

Unknown woman
Unknown woman standing outside

Two women and a child<br />
Two women and a child inside grocery store

Liberty Pool Room in Tacoma<br />
"Tacoma Pool Hall"

Two men
Two men standing in front of building

Man, woman and children in grocery store<br />
"Rising Generation" Man, woman and four children in grocery store

Yamauchi N.P. Grocery<br />
Interior of grocery store

Woman at counter<br />
Woman sitting at counter of café

Interior of café<br />
Interior of café

Three women in front of Pasco High School<br />
Three women in front of Pasco High School

Franklin County Courthouse<br />
Franklin County Courthouse

Two women
Two women in front of building

Fishing Boat <br />
Men working in fishing boat full of salmon

Man standing in front of gate<br />
"Papa Garden Gate with Family Crest"

Two men sitting<br />
"Papa Yamamoto & Papa Ono"

Group of people in front of café<br />
"Tough Nuts" Frank M Sakata, Judas Yamamoto and other unknown people in front of café

Destructed building
View inside of destructed building

Man with boat
"Dad" next to boat in front of building

Destructed Buildings
"Picture of Our Café from Upstairs Kitchen"

Group of people next to mountain
"Cascades on the way to Pasco, WA"

Ogata&#039;s Cleaners
Ogata's Cleaners Pasco Laundry

Unknown woman
Unknown woman standing in front of café

Grocery Store
Workers at a grocery store

Open View of Edda&#039;s Cafe
"2nd M&M 1936"

Unknown women
"1950s Edda's Café"

Group of men playing pool
"Grandpa's pool hall circa 1913 on W. Clark near Tacoma."

School room
Children inside a school room

Heart Mountain, Arlene and Connie. Cheyoko Minotoya <br />
Arlene and Connie at Heart Mountain in Wyoming.

1st black Pasco graduate dies at 73
Newspaper clipping of the passing of an African-American woman named Gladys M. Coleman who had died in 1976. She moved with her family from Mississippi in 1906 to Pasco, Washington. She was the first African-American to graduate from Whitman College…

Fishing boat
Fishing boat on the water